December 18, 2014

We are always excited for a taste of something special. How about a whole bunch of it at once?

Friday Dec. 19th features tastings with the charismatic Sean with his fine Southern manners tasting wonderful French wines and a pink Alsacian bubbly, Huber & Bleger. Yes it is perfect for this celebratory season.

We also have Gina whipping up yummy little appetizer bites with Nduja, a super yummy spreadable salami from Calabria, and that means plenty of personality with plenty of no-nonsense, in-your-face Calabrian red chili added. Viva Calabria!

We are also offering some olive oil & cheese samples. What’s not to love? Come at lunch time and indulge.

Top of the morning!

Did you know we now serve steamy cups of strong, freshly brewed fair trade organic McLaughlin coffee? And freshly baked bagels, muffins and pastries from Authentic Bagels, just down the street?


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