Congratulations Jacob Markowitz of the Golden State Warriors, winner of Ratto’s first-ever catering contest. Our neighbor Jacob will be hosting a party for his staff replete with all the wonderful platters that Ratto’s has to offer.  Jacob’s staff will be treated to deli, cheese, sandwich and salad platters, like the Mediterranean, below.

Herbaceous cheese, Hummus, Dolmas & olives

Bon Appétit!

We have a number of new salts that can jazz up your next meal (or your next tequila drink!)

We’ve just received a plethora of gorgeous salts. Salts from the sea, salts from volcanoes, salts infused with dried truffles and porcinis, salts with herbs. They are a quick taste booster to any dish. They also have an amazing way of making your next Tequila-based drink extra special. Just rub some citrus around the rim, and dip your glass in the salt. Here we’ve mixed lava salt with chili powder for a very fun and explosive flavor. Hint: chill your glasses in the freezer for extra refreshment.

Come visit us on Halloween, Wednesday October 31st from 10-3. Come in costume and receive an Italian sweet, while listening to Doctor Frankenhauser play creepy tunes on the piano.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaah…..

We know- it’s not even Halloween. But someone at your business is already thinking about the details of your Holiday Party.  So are we. We have a variety of budget-friendly solutions to cater your event. Try a few platters, like the Deli,  Cheese, and Mediterranean, along with some fresh Salads. Or choose a selection of Sandwiches. You might add some great craft sodas to your order, or some French and Italian wines, or delectable chocolate confections. Whatever you choose, Ratto’s is ready when you are.

Choose your selection of dried and cured meats
Try a gorgeous custom cheese platter


Field Roast Celebration Roast, a delicious, sustainable vegan meat substitute, is now available for your Ratto’s sandwich. We also have gluten free bread, for the gluten sensitive friends out there. Come in and design your own vegan or gluten free custom sandwich!