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The weekly farmers market in front of Ratto’s every Friday just got a whole lot better! The new lineup includes some of California’s best organic farms, including Riverdog Farm, Borba Farms, Capay Mills and Far West Fungi & Massa Organics.

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The idea behind the new collection of vendors was to create a more enticing market for local chefs, restaurants and foodies. Today’s market was full of citrus fruits, heirloom zucchini & broccoli, colorful radishes and beets, beautiful fresh herbs, stunning asparagus, baby lettuces, petite heads of cauliflower, squash blossoms, succulent carrots, and crisp green beans. We are thrilled to have the best of small-farmed California produce right outside our door every Friday! Compliment your market finds with our delicious cheeses, wines, olive oils, vinegars, charcuterie, bulk beans & spices.

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Plaid Friday
There are many indie retailers throughout Oakland with wonderfully unique gifts that are open for business on what has been coined “Plaid Friday”. Show your love of “local”, by supporting the Old Oakland business district on Friday, November 27. You’ll find some pretty amazing gifts, many of which are made right here in Oakland by talented artisans & artists. Ratto’s will be open from 10-2, and in addition to serving wonderful sandwiches and steaming bowls of soup, we have a festive selection of gourmet gifts from the U.S. and beyond. Come in and peruse our shelves and sample some panettone, cheese and olive oil. Wishing everyone a Thanksgiving weekend filled with love and gratitude!

Pantry Staples

Weeknights sometimes beg for an quick and easy dinner solution. We’ve got our shelves stocked with 30-minute meal pantry staples like pasta, roasted peppers, anchovies, white beans, capers, grilled artichokes, and of course our famously fruity and delicious Extra Virgin olive oil.

Boil plenty of well-salted water in a pot with a dash of oil, pour yourself a drink, then improvise a few toppings while the pasta is cooking, perfectly al dente, of course. Toss in some fresh greens or some leftover chicken if you feel like it. By golly you can even get away without dirtying a knife or a pan with some of these toppings. Add a few scrapings of Parmesan and Voila: Dinner is served.

Float away this New Year’s Eve with some exceptional bubbles.  Choose from Champagne, Prosecco and Hard Ciders in a range of origins and prices. Happy New Year!